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Construction Workers

Asbestos Awareness Course



$ 145 + GST per person



4 hours (1/2 day)



This introductory course will help individuals in the identification of asbestos and provide them with safe handling instructions when working with asbestos-containing materials.

We can provide training on request.  Contact us for more information.


Asbestos is often found in everyday building materials, so awareness of asbestos is essential for anyone working in environments such as in the building and construction industry. While asbestos can be easily identified under a microscope, its fibers are so small that the naked eye couldn’t see them, which is why most workers are unable to immediately tell whether or not the things they are working with contain traces of the material.

In order to ensure the safe handling of this potentially hazardous material, people need to know where to find it, how to identify it, and how to avoid disturbing asbestos and releasing its dangerous fibres. This course provides this information, along with safe handling instructions for working with asbestos.

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Who should attend this asbestos awareness course?

  • Building and construction workers such as demolition workers, roofers, electricians, carpenters, plasterers, floor finishers, etc.

  • Maintenance and repair workers

  • Emergency service workers such as firefighters

  • Those planning to acquire an Asbestos Removal Class A or Class B license to do asbestos-related work

Topics covered

  • Identifying relevant legislation that applies to asbestos

  • Explaining what it is, where to find asbestos, and where it has commonly been used

  • Identifying asbestos-containing materials (ACM)

  • Knowing the possible effects when someone is exposed to asbestos and how it is a threat to public health

  • Identifying when a license is required when removing asbestos

  • Describing the safety requirements of working with friable or non-friable asbestos

This is a non-accredited course. However, under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, anyone operating a commercial business or undertaking is responsible for providing a safe working environment for all employees. Part of this responsibility is defined in The Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016 that lays out employers’ responsibilities concerning asbestos. Awareness training can help prevent worker exposure to asbestos-contaminated materials.

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