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Construction Site

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP) Refresher Course



$ 200 + GST per person



4 hours 



The refresher course verifies your competency in the area you are working. You will receive a refresher course credential after completion. CCTA offer the course online.

Delivery Method


The online refresher course can be completed at your place, time, and pace. You will get an online assessment link when you complete the enrollment process. One of our highly experienced tutors provides support via email/zoom/phone if required. Our assessor marks and verifies your competency when you submit the assessment with the supporting documents and photo/video evidence of you doing the job.


You can complete the theory assessment online and complete a practical assessment with us if required.

To access our full schedule and find more information about our  Confined Space Refresher course or related courses, check out our calendar or fill out our contact form.

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